Wasted Time Is Wasted Life

Wasted time is a loss of every person’s most precious commodity. Time is literally life. When one’s time is wasted, their life is wasted.

Wasting time is a sign of disrespect.

“Think of time as a currency.”

Wasting someone’s time is one of the greatest forms of disrespect. If you waste a person’s time, you’re telling them “I don’t care about your life”. Those who are perpetually late or hold things up because they need to get ready are displaying extreme selfishness.

Those who consistently waste your time should have little to no access to your time. Think of time as a currency. If you gave someone ten dollars and they just threw it away and asked for more, would you keep giving them money? Then why would you keep giving of something more precious than money?

Wasted time is theft.

People steal from your life in many ways:

  • Showing up late.
  • Making you late by not being ready on time.
  • Monopolizing conversations.
  • Leaving long, rambling voicemail messages.
  • Taking a long time to get back to you on important things.
  • Having a lot of crises that somehow require your attention.
  • Complaining.
  • Making extra work for you by leaving messes in your way.
  • Repeatedly asking for information or instructions that you’ve already given them several times.
  • Not keeping commitments and appointments.
  • Not communicating a change in plans.
  • Being consistently forgetful.

The list goes on.

If you waste the time of others, it’s time to stop. If you’re allowing others to waste your time, it’s time to stop. How your time is valued by you or others is how your life is valued. Time is life.

One of the biggest wastes of time is apologies for wasting time. Especially when you or they keep doing whatever is being apologized for. That’s a lack of accountability. Don’t apologize. Do better. Actions speak louder than words.

Protecting your time is important.

“No one is entitled to your time, unless you have made a commitment to provide it.”

Never feel guilty about protecting and valuing your time. No one is entitled to your time, unless you have made a commitment to provide it. If the agreements you have made are imbalanced or are a bad deal, then you should renegotiate. If someone is intentionally wasting your time, don’t give them another second.

Don’t waste your own time!

Many people waste their own time with inefficiency. They don’t think about the return on investment of their time. People who camp overnight to save a few bucks on a TV on Black Friday are a perfect example. Unless these people are reading something that helps them during all those hours, or somehow helping others, their time is wasted. It’s more likely they’re just gossiping and eating and having inane conversations and being uncomfortable, all to save $30 on electronics. There’s probably a better deal online anyway.

Procrastinating not only wastes your time, but adds stress. You’ve got it on your mind. You know it needs to be done. That stress makes all your other work more difficult. Get it done! Clear your time and clear your head!

Time is an investment.

“Every moment is an opportunity to invest in yourself.”

Every moment is an opportunity to invest in yourself. To learn something, come up with ideas to improve your life, or take action. Of course, taking some time to have fun, blow off steam and simply enjoy life is not wasted time! Life is meant to be enjoyed. However, most wasted time isn’t really enjoyed. It’s simply wasted by:

  • Scrolling endlessly through social media.
  • Having online debates that won’t change anything.
  • Being high and just zoning out.
  • Useless, gossipy conversations.
  • Binge-watching on Netflix.
  • Worrying.
  • Thinking about what you could and should be doing.
  • Rehashing the past or having imaginary arguments in your mind.

Alternatives to wasting time can be:

  • Reading books, articles or anything that teaches you something you can use.
  • Learning a new skill.
  • Practicing a current skill.
  • Exercising.
  • Helping someone.
  • Doing anything that needs to be done.
  • Taking a drive out in nature to clear your head.
  • Doing any small thing that makes your life even 1% better than it was yesterday.
  • Making a plan for self improvement and implementing it.

Ultimately, it’s your time and your life. How much do you value it?

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