Important! My Core Message to Everyone.

Your life situation is a result of your programming and your choices. Your choices are largely dictated by your programming. Your programming tells you what is possible and what is “right”. It defines your world and your potential. It comes from everything you encounter.

Your mental programming is like an operating system.

The core programs, your operating system (OS), is usually defined by your upbringing and culture.

The problem is that most people live their entire lives without ever changing their OS. They may change some important programs along the way, but the OS remains the same. To truly and effectively change your life or have any chance of changing the world, the same buggy old OS isn’t going to do it.

An OS is made up of a bunch of “system files”. These are the ones that tell you how things are. You need a good job. You need college to get a good job. You need to support a political party. You need to save for retirement, and then retire by age 65 if you can. It’s your culture, your religious beliefs, the things you “know” about life in general.

There are also a lot of programs we decide to download from society and other people. A lot of these are really buggy programs. They’re mental viruses and act as malware. They spread and infect many and really fuck things up. But, people like their programs and often aren’t even aware that there are other options. They especially aren’t aware that they can change their OS.

Even if an alternative OS becomes popular and solves a lot of problems, it comes with it’s own problems. When it comes to actual computers, Windows is the default for most people. It’s the oldest and it can be likened to old bigoted thinking, superstitions, religions, partisan politics, class struggles, and the like. It’s also comprised of some solid, practical common sense.

Then Apple came along and it was better in a lot of ways. Less buggy. But, it’s expensive and proprietary. Everything you do has to be the Apple way, and you have to buy their programs and their cables and their hardware or it will reject you. It’s somewhat enlightened, but really entitled, elitist and can be rather fascist. Plus, it’s hypocritical as hell, because, while it acts “woke” it’s built with slave labor. It hides its darkness under pretty, creative and modern trappings. Its users tend to be smug as hell about it.

Then there’s Linux. It’s open source, meaning that all the programs are created by regular people, not a central corporation. The programs are completely merit-based. When someone releases an idea, a program, out into the community, it’s worth is known quickly. If it’s buggy, inefficient or just plain sucks, it will be found out in short time.

It takes effort to learn, and a fair amount of adjustment time. It’s not familiar or nearly as easy. It doesn’t hold your hand. But, once you get the hang of it, everything runs cleaner and with far less mishaps. Because it takes effort and most people want an easy, no effort life, few people use it. But those who do swear they’ll never return to their old ways. You have to want to learn it. It seems to be most denigrated by people who never spent much time with it or put in the effort to learn it.

You have to make a choice between easy, effortless, problematic and often corrupt, to something that takes a lot of initial effort and learning, takes you out of your comfort zone, but has far more clean and efficient results. The learning curve may be a bit steep, but once you climb that hill, the rest is smooth sailing.

This metaphor applies to so much of life. People cling to easy, lazy, popular programming and shy away from results that require any investment or personal sacrifice. They want to be told what to do and how to do it and they like it to be flashy, distracting, and entertaining. They don’t much care about the functionality and are willing to endure all the problems that come with it. Convenience beats results.

When people start doing things in an unfamiliar and different way, the default world gets very upset. People have a lot invested in their old programming. Even if your programming doesn’t interfere with theirs, they’ll attack you for “doing it wrong”. Let them. While they complain about their problems, you’ll be getting rid of yours.

Some people will “dual boot”, meaning that they still use the old OS while learning the new. That’s fine. That’s still a step forward. I’ve found that the only thing my old OS is better for is games. Nothing essential.

I want to share the best “programs” I’ve found. I want to share what I’ve learned from others as well as what I’ve realized on my own. I’m sure a lot of them will be things you’ve thought your whole life and have been like “Holy shit! I thought it was just me!!” Some of them will piss you off and challenge your most dearly loved values. That’s fine. You can quit any time you like. You can talk about how wrong or difficult it is. It’s your life. Choose the programming that serves you best.

I won’t share anything that I am not using or doing myself. Any advice I give, I do my best to follow. Whatever I have learned, but not yet applied, I will refer you to the original source. Never take advice from anyone who doesn’t follow their own advice. It’s like taking fitness advice from Dr. Phil. The world is full of people who will tell you how to change your life using methods they don’t apply. They’ll get rich off of methods that didn’t get them to where they are. I resolve not to be one of them. And yes, I did switch to Linux. 🙂

I want to help you be the best person you can be. I want to see you be fulfilled and empowered. I want to see you change yourself and change the world! Let’s do this!

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