Announcement! A book is on the way!!

That’s right! I’m writing a book! The intent of the book is to share how I went from depressed, unhealthy, suicidal, anxious, hopeless and useless to energetic, clear, confident, healthy, excited to live, and created a life I don’t want to escape from. I’ll be sharing how others can do the same!

It’s about realizing how our lives are a result of our programming and our choices, and how we can change and upgrade both!

I have finished the outline and one chapter. The rough draft should be done in about a month. Then, about three weeks for editing and getting the cover done, then one month for pre-launch buzz. Three months, and then launch!!

About one month before launch, I will be considering interested people for a launch team to help with spreading the word. Please let me know in the comments if you might be interested. Those who are accepted will receive a free copy of the book and more!

I’m excited to finally get off my ass and write a book!

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